Industrial Energy Alliance
Work experience


In 2010-2012 years, Industrial Energy Alliance drilled 5 exploration wells with hydraulic fracturing on coal seams on Taldykuduk site.


In 2013, Industrial Energy Alliance has drilled a deviated well with extention by coal seam K12 (400m by seam) for the first time in Kazakhstan. Deviated wells has huge potential on coalbed methane production, as they increase coal seam drainage area. Controlling well direction allows drilling perpendicular to cleavage of coal, thereby maximally use permeability of coal seam. 

In perspective, company is planning to drill wells using new technologies that weren’t used before in Kazakhstan. They are: 

- Intersection wells by using Australian technology;

- Multilateral wells by using Chinese technology.


These kinds of wells allow maximally widen the drainage area of coal seam, also increase effectiveness of coalbed methane production from single well, without increasing expenses, which leads to grow the nascent industrial coalbed methane production in Kazakhstan on new level.


In 2014, Company drilled vertical well to the depth of 610 metres with expanding by coal seams by recommendations of envolved Australian consultants (Coal Bed Energy Consultants), which will contribute to methane gas inflow. For this purpose, 599 mm Reamer was bought and used for the first time in Kazakhstan.


Industrial Energy Alliance in cooperate with national company JSC KaztransGas started a project on studying coalbed methane potential of Sherubaynurinsk site in Karaganda coal basin in 2015.

Hydraulic fracturing technology made in 3 wells, plasma-induction impact technology applied on 2 wells. Air-hammer drilling technology was experimentally applied during drilling of wells. 

Core samples were sent on laboratory analysis to Core Lab (USA), China united coalbed methane corporation (China) and Geokrak (Poland). Analysis results will accurately set the gas reserves, which define feasibility study.


In 2016, company set a record of drilling depth (742 m) using air-hammer in East Kazakhstan region, near Artem mine. Well was drilled in order to determine mine water inflow. During drilling, rig compressor and additional compressor were used to reach necessary air volume. Booster was connecting the compressors, in order to increase air flow pressure.



Today, we are performing well stimulation on Sherubaynurinsk site, Karaganda coal basin, testing different gas flow enhancing methods, monitoring water and gas rates from wells.